Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants - Online edition

Family Profile
Family Description

A family of about 212 genera and 2800 species; pantropic with a few species extending into warm temperate regions; 19 genera occur naturally in Australia.


Archontophoenix - An endemic genus of 6 species from the moist subtropical and tropical regions of northern Queensland.

Arenga - A genus of 24 species of palms, native to tropical regions of southern and southeastern Asia; two species occur naturally in Australia.

Calamus - A genus of about 375 species in mainly tropical regions of SE Asia but also in Malesia and Australia; eight species occur naturally in Australia. Jones (1984).

Carpentaria - An endemic genus of only one species from the Northern Territory of Australia.

Caryota - A genus of 13 species distributed from India, China, Malesia, New Guinea, Vanuatu and Fiji; one species occur naturally in Australia.

Cocos - A monotypic genus whose origin is a point of debate but it is believed to be originally from India.

Corypha - A genus of six species native to India, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and New Guinea; a single species occurs naturally in Australia.

Hydriastele - A genus of 48 species in Indonesia, New Guinea, Fiji and Australia; three species occur naturally in Australia. Dowe (2010).

Laccospadix - A monotypic genus endemic to Australia. Jones (1984); Dowe (2010).

Licuala - A genus of 135 species found in tropical rainforests of southern Asia, New Guinea and the western Pacific Ocean islands; one species (with two varieties) occurs naturally in Australia.

Linospadix - A genus of 7 species in Australia and New Guinea; five species occur naturally in Australia. Dowe (2010); Dowe & Irvine (1997); Jones (1984).

Livistona - A genus of ca. 36 species with a wide distribution through the tropics and warmer temperate regions of eastern Asia, Australasia and the Americas and Africa; 18 species occur naturally in Australia, 14 are Australian endemics with 2 extending into New Guinea.

Normanbya - A monotypic genus endemic to Australia.

Oraniopsis - A monotypic genus endemic to Australia.

Ptychosperma - A genus of 29 species in eastern Malesia, Australia and the islands of the SW Pacific. New Guinea appears to be the major centre of species diversity; two species occur naturally in Australia, one endemic. Essig (1978); Jones (1984); Dixon et al (2003); Dowe (2010).

Wodyetia - A monotypic genus endemic to Australia.


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