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Brachychiton velutinosus Kosterm.

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Kostermans, A.G.J.H. (1977) Ceylon Journal of Science (Biological Sciences) 12(2) : 133. Type: Pullen 6870. mascul. (L). .. New Guinea, Central District., 43 miles S.E. of Port Moresby, Tavai Creek area, monsoon forest on low hills, alt. 20.

Common name

Kurrajong; Kurrajong, Brush; Brush Kurrajong


Fine oak grain in the wood and a corresponding pattern in the inner blaze. Pink granular stripes in the outer blaze. Blaze finely layered. Deciduous; leafless for a period in September or October.


Petioles long, about 5-14 cm. Leaf blades about 10-19 x 11-19 cm, usually shallowly 3-lobed. Numerous stellate hairs visible with a lens on the lower surface of the leaf blade. Twig bark strong and fibrous when stripped. Pores in the twig pith readily visible to the naked eye.


Perianth induplicate-valvate in bud, with induplicate margins more than 2 mm wide. Perianth about 30-40 mm long, deep pinkish-red outside but the inner surface bright green near the base, the green colour extending outwards like spokes. Stellate hairs on the outer surface of the perianth cream or golden, stellate hairs on the inner surface whitish. Floral nectaries present on the inside near the base of the perianth tube. Often flowering when leafless.


Fruits densely brown stellate hairy outside, about 6.5-10.5 x 3-4.5 cm. Seeds about 11-12 x 7-8 mm.


Cotyledons enclosed in the seed coat. First pair of leaves narrowly cordate, upper surface and petiole clothed in stellate and simple hairs. At the tenth leaf stage: leaves deeply 3-lobed and sagittate at the base; upper surface of leaf blade and petiole hairy. Seed germination time 376 days.

Distribution and Ecology

Occurs in CYP. Altitudinal range from sea level to 500 m. Grows in gallery forest, drier, more seasonal rain forest, monsoon forest and beach forest. Also occurs in New Guinea.

Natural History & Notes

A tree that has potential for planting in parks and gardens. It has attractive foliage and flowers are red.

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