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Calophyllum soulattri Burm.f.

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Burman, N.L. (1768) Flora Indica : 121. Type: Java.

Common name

Bitangoor; Membaloong; Bitangoor Boonot


Dead bark +/- mustard coloured when cut. Blaze finely layered. Bark exudate meagre.


Leaf blades about 6.5-30 x 2.5-10 cm. Numerous fine veins extending from the midrib to the margin but no other veins visible. Midrib raised on the upper surface, depressed only at the base of the leaf blade. Petioles and twigs produce a milky exudate.


Petals (or inner tepals) about 5-9 mm long. Stamens about 40-140 per flower.


Fruits +/- spherical about 0.9-2.2 cm diam. Endocarp about 0.2-0.4 mm thick, perhaps up to 0.8 mm thick.


Features not available.

Distribution and Ecology

Occurs in NT. Altitudinal range from near sea level to 100 m. Usually grows in small well developed pockets of rain forest around soaks and springs. Widely distributed throughout Malesia and SE Asia and extending southwards to the Solomon Islands and the Caroline Islands.

Calophyllum kiong Lauterb. & K.Schum.,, Die Flora der Deutschen Schutzgebiete in der Sudsee : 450(1900), Type: Kaiser Wilhelmsland: syn: Sattelberg, Bamler; bei Laleea, Hellwig; Station Nugelang, Kaernbach.
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