Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants - Online edition

Cyclophyllum protractum S.T.Reynolds & R.J.F.Hend.

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Scale bar 10mm. © CSIRO
Scale bar 10mm. © CSIRO

Reynolds, S.T., & Henderson, R.J.F. (2001) Austrobaileya 6: 54. Type: Queensland, State Forest Reserve 144, Whypalla, Chowchilla Logging Area, 2 February 1988, B.P.M. Hyland 13500, holo BRI; iso QRS.


Tree 8-15 m tall.


Stipules interpetiolar, broadly ovate, keeled, hairy; petioles 3-8 mm long; blades 5.6-8 cm x 2.7-4 cm. Domatia present, usually obvious.


Inflorescences generally 2 to 5-flowered, peduncles 0.5-1.5 mm long. Flowers strongly perfumed, pedicel 2-3 mm long; calyx 1.5-2 x 1.75 mm, glabrous; corolla cream, yellow or orange with age, 8.5-9 mm long.


Fruit on slender pedicels 8-10 mm long, red when ripe, 7.5-9 x 9-11 mm. Seed smooth.


Features not available.

Distribution and Ecology

Endemic to NEQ. Altitudinal range from 400 - 1000 m above sea level. Grows in mountain rainforest.

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