Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants - Online edition

Family Profile
Family Description

A family of 12 genera and about 635 species, widespread in tropical and warm temperate areas but not present in Africa; nine genera occur naturally in Australia.


Aceratium - A genus of about 20 species in Malesia, Australia and Vanuatu; five species occur naturally in Australia. Balgooy (1963, 1976).

Elaeocarpus - A genus of about 350 species, widespread in tropical and warm temperate areas but not present in Africa; 33 species occur naturally in Australia. Coode (1984); Coode (2004); Cooper & Cooper (2004); Harden et al. (2014); PlantNET [26/7/2016].

Peripentadenia - A genus of two species endemic to Australia. Coode (1987); Hyland & Coode (1982); Smith (1957).

Sloanea - A genus of about 150 species in Asia, Malesia, Australia, New Caledonia and tropical America; four species occur naturally in Australia. Coode (1983), Coode (2004).


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