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Elattostachys megalantha S.T.Reynolds

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10th leaf stage. © CSIRO
Cotyledon stage, epigeal germination. © CSIRO

Reynolds, S.T. () Flora of Australia 25: 199. Type: State Forest Reserve 700, Gadgarra, Qld, 8 Jan. 1975, B.P.M.Hyland 3166; holo: BRI; iso: QRS.


Outer blaze marked with white, granular and brown, fibrous, longitudinal stripes.


Leaflet blades about 10-16 x 3.5-6.5 cm. Midrib slightly raised on the upper surface of the leaflet blades. Young shoots and terminal buds clothed in very short, almost golden coloured hairs. Domatia, if present, are foveoles with tufts of hair at the orifice.


Calyx lobes about 4-4.5 mm long, pubescent on the outer surface, hairs tortuous. Petals about 6.5-7 mm long. Stamens about 6-8. Disk cupular, glabrous. Ovary sessile, 3-locular, one ovule per locule.


Capsules about 17-22 x 15-20 mm, scurfy, sparsely short hairy on the outer surface, inner surface almost woolly pubescent, valves thick and woody, pinkish-red or purple on the inside. Aril small, basal and lateral.


Cotyledons spathulate, fleshy, without venation, apex acuminate. At the tenth leaf stage: leaf blade compound, the terminal leaflet much larger than the lateral leaflets; leaflets hairy along the midrib on the upper surface; lateral leaflets with toothed margins, terminal leaflet lobed and toothed, margin dentate, teeth mucronate. Seed germination time 21 to 22 days.

Distribution and Ecology

Endemic to NEQ. Altitudinal range not known but collected around 700 m. Grows as an understory tree in drier, more seasonal rain forest.

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