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Garcinia russellii W.E.Cooper

Shrub (woody or herbaceous, 1-6 m tall)
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Male flower. CC-BY: T. Hawkes
Female flower. CC-BY: T. Hawkes
Fruit. CC-BY: T. Hawkes

Cooper, W.E. (2013) Austrobaileya 9(1): 22-24, Figs 2E, 3G & H, 4, Map 4. Type: Australia: Queensland. Cook District: North of Mossman River, Daintree National Park, 9 July 2011, W. Cooper 2137, R.Russell, R.Jensen & R.Jago (holo: CNS [1 sheet + spirit]; iso: BRI, CANB, MO).


Shrub or small tree to 6 m, with branches mostly pendulous. Exudate opaque white, colourless or slightly milky; branchlets slightly 4-sided on new growth, becoming terete on older growth. Dioecious.


Exudate colourless, milky or white. Leaves peltate; petioles 10-25 mm long, attached on underside of lamina; leaf blades 11-29.5 cm long x 4.5-10 cm wide; oblong or ovate-oblong; base cordate or rounded; margin entire and strongly recurved; main vein raised on both surface; secondary veins ca. 100, raised on both sides; exudate-containing canals sparse on both sides as unbranched or branched lines.


Male inflorescence terminal, a panicle, 9-39-flowered, 30-62 mm long. Male flowers: 13-27.3 mm diam., pedicels 2.5-5 mm long; sepals 4, 2-whorled, orbicular; outer pair joined, 4-6 mm long x 7-8 mm wide; inner pair free, 4-8 mm long 4-10 mm wide, pale green; petals 4, free, orbicular or oblong-orbicular, 8.5-15 mm long x 7.5-15 mm wide, white or cream; androecium of 4 fused phalanges creating a solitary receptacle, rhombic, adnate to petals and flower base, undivided or divided into 4 shallow lobes at apex, 5.5-11 mm diam.; anthers numerous, densely clustered, subsessile, strap-shaped or broadly wedge-shaped, ca. 2 mm long x 0.5 mm wide; fungiform pistillode present in some flowers, ca. 4.5 mm long. Female inflorescence terminal, a solitary flower. Female flower: 16-25 mm diam.; pedicel 2 mm long; sepals 4, free, D-shaped, cream; outer pair narrowly joined, ca. 6.3 mm long x 7.2 mm wide; inner pair free, ca. 8.3 mm long x 10 mm wide; petals 4, oblong-orbicular, ca. 13.5 mm long x 10.5 mm wide, cream; staminodal phalanges 4, adnate to petals, somewhat square, apex rounded, antherodes 5-8 per phalange, ca. 1 mm diam.; gynoecium urn-shaped, ca. 6 mm long; ovary ovoid or top-shaped, 6-8-locular; stigma domed, 6-8-rayed, 3.5 mm diam.; ovules 1-4 per locule.


Fruits a semi-dry berry, top-shaped or broadly ovoid; mostly beaked, beak to 20 mm long; 6-8 shallow septum lobes or lines; 60-72 mm long x 50-58 mm wide; green; locules 6-8; seeds 1-3 per locule, 20-22.5 mm long x 18-23 mm wide; aril cream and netted, not fleshy.


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Distribution and Ecology

Endemic to NEQ, known from the Mossman Gorge section of Daintree National Park and at Finlayvale near Mossman. Altitudinal range from 150 to 300 m. Grows in lowland rain forest on granitic soils.

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