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Hollandaea diabolica A.J.Ford & P.H.Weston

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A. Branchlet with inflorescences. B. Pairs flowers at anthesis; C. Ovary with glands and floral bract. D. Lateral view of fruit with persistent style. ©: Queensland Government.
Scale bar 10mm. © CSIRO

Ford, A.J. & Weston, P.H. (2012) Austrobaileya 8(4): 674-678. Type: Queensland. Cook District: Pinnacle Rock Track [Daintree National Park, NW of Mossman], 1 February 1996, B. Hyland 25914RFK.


Grows into a large tree to 25 m tall and 50 cm dbh.


Leaf blades about 6.9-15 x 2.0-5.5 cm, rather thick and leathery, margin usually recurved. Petioles about 1-1.5 cm long, swollen at their junction with the twig. Lateral veins 5-8 on each side of the midrib and forming loops well inside the leaf blade margin. Lower surface of the leaf blade much pale than the upper surface.


Inflorescences ramiflorous or just behind the oldest leaves. Racemes about 4.8-12 cm long. Flowers paired, individual flowers on a pedicel about 2 mm long, common peduncle about 1-3 mm long. Tepals about 25-33 mm long at anthesis, coiled like a spring, cream, yellow or greenish. Anthers about 4-5 mm long, apex mucronate, on a filament about 2 mm long. Hypogynous glands four. Ovary sessile, glabrous. Style 20-24 mm long, stigma 3-4 mm long.


Fruits globose to hemispherical, about 48 x 44 mm. Pericarp thick and hard, outer surface irregularly honeycombed. Seeds 1-4, each about 22-25 mm long x 12 mm. wide Testa smooth. Radicle about 2 mm long.


First pair of leaves alternate or subopposite, margins coarsely serrate. Lateral veins forming loops well inside the blade margin. Stem mottled green and maroon.

Distribution and Ecology

Endemic to NEQ, known only from collections made in the mountains west of Mossman and from the East Mulgrave River. Altitudinal range from 450-1000 m. Grows as an understory plant in upland and mountain rain forest.

Orites sp. Pinnacle Rock Track (WWC 867), Provisional Name. Orites sp. Devils Thumb (P.I.Forster PIF10720), Provisional Name.
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