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Hydrocotyle peduncularis R.Br. ex A.Rich.

Herb (herbaceous or woody, under 1 m tall)
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Richard, A. (1820) Annales Generales des Sciences Physiques : 202. Type: Brown a recueilli cette espèce dans la Nouvelle-Hollande. (V.S.).

Common name



Slender herb, with creeping stems below or above ground in litter, mostly glabrous; aerial stems arising from nodes of creeping stems, occasionally mat-forming.


Leaves with petioles up to 30 mm long, 2-4 times longer than lamina, hispid towards apex; stipules broad, scarious and overlapping. Lamina circular, cordate or reniform, usually 5-12 mm diam., margins entire or shallowly or rarely deeply lobed, crenate, both surfaces ± sparsely hispid.


Flowers sessile or with very short pedicels, in small dense heads with less than 12 flowers, 2-5 mm diam.; peduncles shorter than the petiole, 10-50 mm long. Sepals absent.


Fruit ca. 1 mm long and wide, mericarps with prominent dorsal and prominent curved intermediate ribs with a row of tubercular hairs between.


Features not available.

Distribution and Ecology

Occurs in NEQ and from south-eastern Queensland southwards to Tasmania. Altitudinal range from 35-1135 m. Grows in moist to wet places in rainforest, open Eucalypt forest, notophyll vine forest and in creek beds in woodland. Also in New Guinea.

Natural History & Notes

Becomes a weed in lawns.

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