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Marsdenia cymulosa Benth.

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Flowers. © CSIRO
Leaves and Flowers. © CSIRO
Leaves and fruits. © CSIRO
Scale bar 10mm. © CSIRO
10th leaf stage. © CSIRO
10th leaf stage. © CSIRO
Cotyledon and 1st leaf stage, epigeal germination. © CSIRO
Vine stem bark and vine stem transverse section. © CSIRO

Bentham, G. (1868) Flora Australiensis 4: 338. Type: Queensland. Chin-Chin Creek, Bowman 319; holo:K; iso: BRI.MEL. Fide P. I. Forster (1996).


Vine stem diameters to 4 cm recorded. Bark pale, corky, deeply fissured. Included bark present as radial lines or rays. Pith may produce a small amount of milky exudate.


Leaf blades about 4.5-10 x 1.8-4.5 cm, petioles about 1.5-2.5 cm long. Colleters (small finger-like glands) about 2-6, present on the upper surface of the midrib close to its junction with the petiole. Twigs, leaves and petioles produce a clear or milky exudate. Lower surface of the leaf blades clothed in pale, crisped hairs, upper surface sparsely clothed. A small, rounded stipule-like gland present on either side of the base of each petiole. Veins 6-8 on each side of the midrib.


Inflorescence a panicle of umbels or condensed racemes. Flowers about 3-4 mm diam., corolla lobes erect. Sepals about 1-1.5 mm long, outer surface hairy, margins fimbriate. Corolla tube about 1 mm long, lobes about 2-3 mm long, outer surface of the corolla glabrous, inner surface with hairs present near the base of the lobes. Staminal column about 2 mm long. Anthers about 0.3 mm long. Pollen aggregated in pollinia about 0.2 x 0.25 mm. Style head glandular, about 1 mm long, forked at the apex, protruding well beyond the corolla tube. Ovaries 2, each about 0.5 mm long. Staminal corona a ruffled structure, each staminal lobe triangular, about 0.3 mm long and spreading.


Fruits about 65-100 x 7-9 mm, gradually tapering to a fine tip at the apex, calyx lobes persistent at the base. Seeds flat, obovate, about 5-12 x 3-4 mm, margins thickened, plumes white, not barbed, about 35 mm long. Cotyledons elliptic, about 3.5-6.5 x 3-3.5 mm. Radicle straight, about 1.5-3 mm long.


Cotyledons elliptic, about 16-20 x 9-11 mm. Hypocotyl hairy. First leaves elliptic, apex bluntly pointed to obtuse, base cuneate, lower surface clothed in short hairs, upper surface glabrous. At the tenth leaf stage: leaves decussate, leaf blade elliptic, apex acute, base cuneate. Lower surface of the leaf blade, petiole and stem densely clothed in short, arching, whitish hairs. Midrib +/- flush with the upper surface, lateral veins about 7-8 on each side. Colleters 2. Minute stipule-like glands about 0.5mm long present on the stem between the points of attachment of the petioles. Petioles produce a clear exudate. Lower stem surfaces fissured and somewhat corky. Seed germination time 17 to 18 days.

Distribution and Ecology

Endemic to Queensland, occurs in CYP, NEQ and CEQ. Altitudinal range from near sea level to 350 m. Grows in vine thicket and monsoon forest, also in open forest.

Marsdenia fragrans Domin, Bibliotheca Botanica 89(4): 1086(1928), Type: Nord-Queensland: auf dem Gipfel der Metal Mts. bei Chillagoe sowie in den Savannen-waldern am Crooked Creek nordlich von Chillagoe (DOMIN II. 1910). Marsdenia rhyncholepis F.Muell., Fragmenta Phytographiae Australiae 11: 78(1879), Type: Queensland, Palmer River, 1878, T. Gulliver; holo: MEL; iso: BRI. Fide P. I. Forster (1996).
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