Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants - Online edition

Family Profile
Family Description

A family of about 27 genera and 200-270 species, pantropic, well developed in the southern hemisphere where some species extend into temperate regions; 8 genera occur naturally in Australia.


Austromatthaea - A monotypic genus endemic to Australia. Smith (1969); Whiffin & Foreman (2007).

Hedycarya - A genus of about 11 species in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands; two species occur naturally in Australia. Jeremie (1978); Whiffin & Foreman (2007); White (1933).

Hemmantia - A monotypic genus, known from a single locality in NE Qld. Whiffin & Foreman (2007).

Levieria - A genus of about seven species in Malesia and Australia; one species occurs naturally in Australia. Philipson (1980, 1986); Whiffin & Foreman (2007).

Palmeria - A genus of about 15 species in Malesia and Australia; five species occur naturally in Australia. Philipson (1986); Whiffin & Foreman (2007); Guymer (2008).

Pendressia - A monotypic genus endemic to Australia. Ford & Whiffin (2018).

Steganthera - A genus of about 18 species in Malesia, Australia and the Solomon Islands; five species occur naturally in Australia. Endress (1979); Philipson (1984); Whiffin & Foreman (2007).

Wilkiea - A genus of about twelve or more species mainly in Australia, with one species in New Guinea. Cooper & Cooper (2004); Harden et al. (2014); Philipson (1986, 1993); Whiffin & Foreman (2007).


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