Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants - Online edition

Family Profile
Family Description

A family of 53 genera and more than 1400 species, pantropic, uncommon in temperate regions; seven genera occur naturally in Australia.


Antiaris - A genus of one or four species in Africa, Asia, Malesia, Australia and the Pacific islands; one species occurs naturally in Australia. Chew (1989); Corner (1962); Berg, Corner & Jarrett (2006).

Artocarpus - A genus of about 45 species in Asia, Malesia, Australia and the Pacific islands; one species occurs naturally in Australia and one species has become naturalised. Backer & Bakhuizen van den Brink (1965); Berg, Corner & Jarrett (2006); Chew (1989); Corner (1962); Rankin (1982).

Castilla - A genus of about 12 species in tropical America; one species has become naturalised in Australia. Hutchinson (1967); Little & Wadsworth (1964).

Fatoua - A genus of 2 species from Madagascar to Asia and Australia. One species native to Australia.

Ficus -A genus of about 1000 species (735 species, Berg & Corner, 2005), pantropic and extending into the warm temperate regions; more than 40 species occur naturally in Australia. Chew (1989); Cooper & Cooper (2004); Corner (1965); Harden et al. (2014); Rohwer & Berg (1993).

Maclura - A genus of 12 species in America, Africa, Asia, Malesia and Australia; one species occurs naturally in Australia. Chew (1989); Corner (1962).

Streblus - A genus of about 23-25 species in Madagascar, Asia, Malesia, Australia and the Pacific islands; two species occur naturally in Australia. Chew (1989); Corner (1962); Berg, Corner & Jarrett (2006).

Trophis - A genus of about 11 species in tropical America, Madagascar, Malesia, Australia and the Pacific islands. Corner (1962). One species occurs naturally in Australia.


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