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Neoalsomitra capricornica (F.Muell.) Hutch.

Slender Vine
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Cotyledon stage, epigeal germination. © CSIRO
10th leaf stage. © CSIRO

Hutchinson, J. (1942) Annals of Botany, London ser. 2, 6 : 99.


Stems very slender and sparsely hairy, stem diameter not exceeding 2 cm.


Leaf blades deeply palmately or pedately lobed, about 2-4 x 2.5-7 cm, larger lobes deeply toothed or lobed, petioles about 1-2 cm long. Tendrils simple, unbranched, +/- leaf-opposed.


Male flowers: Inflorescence clothed in glandular hairs. Flowers about 4 mm diam. Petals tuberculate on the inner surface. Stamens 5, fused below into a column. Female flowers: Flowers sometimes solitary or sometimes the basal flower on the raceme of male flowers. Flowers about 3.5 mm diam. Ovary about 3 x 1.5 mm, clothed in erect glandular hairs. Styles 3. Stigmas 3, granular, papillate.


Capsules +/- cylindrical, about 10-20 x 5-6 mm, outer surface sparsely hairy. Seed + wing about 8-9 mm long, seed about 5 mm long. Wing falls off rather easily. Surface of the testa finely papillose and coarsely lobed around the margin. Inner testa thin and translucent. Embryo about 2.5 mm long, cotyledons +/- orbicular, about 2 mm diam., much wider than the radicle. Radicle about 1 mm long.


Cotyledons obcordate, about 9-12 x 7-8 mm, apex emarginate, base cuneate to attenuate. Petioles very short or absent. Venation difficult to discern, consisting of a midrib and about 1 or 2 lateral veins on each side of the midrib. First pair of leaves 3-5-lobed and coarsely toothed, the first leaf produced just above the cotyledons. At the tenth leaf stage: leaf blade deeply lobed and incised with 3-5 main lobes. Petiole about 1.5-2 cm long. Both the upper and lower leaf blade surfaces clothed in pale, multistemmed hairs. Tendrils produced on the side of the stem close to the base of the petiole. Tendrils branched. Seed germination time 30 to 212 days.

Distribution and Ecology

Endemic to Queensland (?), occurs in CYP, NEQ and CEQ. Altitudinal range from near sea level to 450 m. Grows in vine thicket and monsoon forest.

Alsomitra capricornica F.Muell., Fragmenta Phytographiae Australiae 7: 61(1869), Type: Queensland, Gracemere, P. OShanesy 1063; holo: MEL.
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