Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants - Online edition

Family Profile
Family Description

A family of 58 genera and 2590 species worldwide.


Ardisia - A genus of ca. 250-400 species, pantropic but absent from Africa; about four species occur naturally in Australia and three species have become naturalised. Bailey (1891); Mez (1902).

Embelia - A genus of about 130 species in Asia, Malesia, Australia and the Pacific islands; four species occur naturally in Australia. Reynolds (1991).

Maesa - A genus of about 150 species in Africa, Asia, Malesia, Australia and the SW Pacific islands; probably three species occur naturally in Australia. Mez (1902); Sleumer (1987); Anderberg, A.A. et al (2000) .

Myrsine - A pantropic genus of about 300 species. Twenty species occur on mainland Australia. Harden et al. (2014); Jackes (2005); Stahl & Anderberg (2004).

Tapeinosperma - A genus of about 100 species in New Guinea, Australia, New Caledonia and Fiji; three species occur naturally in Australia. Mez (1902); Jackes (2005b).

Tetrardisia - A genus of ca. 6 species from Malesia to Australia. Jackes (2009)


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