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Spiraeanthemum davidsonii F.Muell.

Shrub (woody or herbaceous, 1-6 m tall)
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Flowers. © Barry Jago
Flowers. © CSIRO
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10th leaf stage. © CSIRO
Cotyledon stage, epigeal germination. © CSIRO

Mueller, F.J.H. von (1887), The Australasian Journal of Pharmacy 2 : 85, Type: On the highest crest of Mount Bellenden-Ker; Sayer and Davidson. 

Common name

Davidson's Alder


Seldom exceeding 30 cm dbh. Usually a poorly formed tree with numerous coppice shoots around the base.


Leaf blades about 8-14 x 3-6.5 cm, opposite or in whorls of three or four. Stipules narrow, about 0.5 cm long, and shed early. Domatia are foveoles often with hairs at the orifice. Midrib and main lateral veins depressed on the upper surface.


Flowers about 2-3 mm diam. Ovules 2, 3 or 4 per carpel.


Fruit about 4 mm long. Seeds small, with a narrow elongate wing at each end. Seed + wings about 2 x 0.5 mm.


Seed germination time 18 to 78 days. Cotyledons about 1-1.5 mm long, margin hairy. At the tenth leaf stage: leaves +/- elliptic or ovate, apex acuminate, base attenuate, margins lobed or coarsely serrate, hairy on both the upper and lower surfaces; stipules filiform, hairy.

Distribution and Ecology

Endemic to NEQ, restricted to the area between Mt Spurgeon and Innisfail. Altitudinal range from near sea level to 1550 m. Grows in a number of different types of well developed rain forest but appears to be more common in stunted rain forest on the mountain tops.

Acsmithia davidsonii (F.Muell.) Hoogland, Blumea 25: 496 (1979).
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