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Stenocarpus reticulatus C.T.White

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Flowers. © CSIRO
Dehiscing fruit. © CSIRO
Fruit, side view, dehiscing and seed. © W. T. Cooper
Scale bar 10mm. © CSIRO
10th leaf stage. © CSIRO
Cotyledon stage, epigeal germination. © CSIRO

White, C.T. (1919) Queensland Department of Agriculture and Stock. Botany Bulletin 21: 17. Type: Atherton Tableland, H.W. Mocatta.

Common name

Oak, Black Silky; Black Oak; Oak, Black; Black Silky Oak


Oak grain in the wood and a corresponding pattern in the inner blaze.


Oak grain in the twigs. Leaf blades about 5-17 x 2-5.8 cm. Petioles about 1.8 cm long. Lateral veins forming loops well inside the blade margin.


Inflorescence shorter than the leaves, each umbel with about 11-13 flowers. Peduncles about 20-30 mm long. Pedicels about 7-10 mm long. Tepals about 15-22 mm long, puberulent on the outer surface, mainly glabrous on the inner surface, villous near the base. Stamens sessile, anthers about 2.5-3 mm long. Hypogynous gland horseshoe-shaped, about 1 mm high. Ovary stalked, sparsely hairy, about 3-4 mm long, ovules about 24-30. Style about 5 mm long, glabrous. Pollen presenter a broad oblique disk.


Follicles +/- flat, about 7-10 x 4-6 cm. Seeds about 20-30, flat, +/- orbicular, about 4 cm diam., wing marginal, arranged in two overlapping rows, one on each side of the follicle. Embryo about 10-15 x 25-30 mm. Seeds separated from one another in the follicle by pale brown layers of seed-like placental material.


Cotyledons sessile, shaped like a fan, about 20-23 x 30-35 mm, apex rounded, base sagittate. First pair of leaves narrowly elliptic. At the tenth leaf stage: leaf blade narrowly elliptic, apex acute, base attenuate, midrib raised on the upper surface of the leaf blade. Seed germination time 22 days.

Distribution and Ecology

Endemic to NEQ, restricted to the area between Cooktown and Innisfail. Altitudinal range from 400-1200 m. Grows in well developed upland and mountain rain forest on a variety of sites.

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