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Syzygium monimioides Craven

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Flowers [not vouchered]. © G. Sankowsky
Flowers [not vouchered]. © G. Sankowsky
Leaves and fruit [not vouchered]. © G. Sankowsky
Fruit, many views and cross section. © W. T. Cooper
Young leaves [not vouchered]. © G. Sankowsky
Scale bar 10mm. © CSIRO
Cotyledon stage, hypogeal germination. © CSIRO
10th leaf stage. © CSIRO

Craven, L. (2003) Blumea 48: 485. Type: Queensland, East Normanby River, 24 June 1992, P.I. Forster et al 10750; Holo: BRI Iso: L, MEL, QRS.

Common name



Grows into a medium-sized tree to 20 m tall. Outer blaze dark dull red or maroon.


Leaf blades about 7-9.5 x 2.5-4.5 cm, petioles about 0.7-1 cm long, grooved on the upper surface. Lateral veins about 25-30 on each side of the midrib.


Calyx lobes very short or reduced. Petals small and inconspicuous. Stamens small, anthers wider than long, about 0.2 mm wide. Filaments about 0.5-0.9 mm long. Placentas confined to the apex of the locule. Ovules pendulous, two per locule. Style about 0.8 mm long, shorter than the stamens.


Fruits depressed globular, about 20-22 x 17-20 mm, texture almost woody. Pericarp +/- leathery. Seeds globose, about 14-16 x 9-14 mm. Cotyledons uniformly textured. Radicle about 5 mm long.


About 4 cataphylls produced before the first pair of true leaves. First pair of true leaves about 5.2-8.5 x 2.4-3.5 cm, petioles about 4 mm long, deeply grooved on the upper surface. Oil dots numerous and closely packed. At the tenth leaf stage: leaf blade about 7-7.5 x 2-3 cm. Lateral veins about 25-30 on each side extending from the midrib to the intramarginal vein. Petiole about 0.5 cm long, deeply grooved on the upper surface. Seed germination time 36 days.

Distribution and Ecology

Possibly endemic, occurs in NEQ, known only from a few collections in the Mt Poverty area on the upper reaches of the East Normanby River and also from the Rossville area. Altitudinal range not known but collections made at an elevation of 200-600 m. Grows in rain forest often along creeks.

Syzygium sp. (Mt Misery GS 1131), Australian Tropical Rain Forest Trees & Shrubs : (1999).
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