Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants - Online edition

Family Profile
Family Description

A family of 5 genera and ca. 55 species, widely scattered in tropical to subtropiocal areas; one genus and ca. eight species occur in Australia.


Thismia - A genus of ca. 45 species in both North and South America, Malesia and Australia. Found in both tropical and temperate areas. Eight species occur naturally in Australia. Cooper (2017); Cribb (1995).


Cooper, W.E. (2017). Thismia hawkesii W.E.Cooper and T. lanternatus W.E.Cooper (Thismiaceae), two new fairy lantern species from the Wet Tropics Bioregion, Queensland, Australia. Austrobaileya 10(1): 131-138.

Cribb, A.B. (1995). The saprophytic flowering plant, Thismia yorkensis sp. nov., from Australia. Queensland Naturalist 33:51-54.

Thiele, K.R. & Jordan, P. (2002). Thismia clavarioides (Thismiaceae), a new species of Fairy Lantern from New South Wales. Telopea 9:765-771.

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