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Tylophora cinerascens (R.Br.) P.I.Forst.

Slender Vine
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Forster, P.I. (1992) Australian Systematic Botany 5(1): 34.

Common name

Oyster-catcher Bill


A slender vine not exceeding a stem diameter of 2 cm.


Twigs and petioles produce a clear exudate. Leaf blades about 6-9 x 3-6 cm, petioles about 2.5-4 cm long. Several colleters (small finger-like glands) visible on the upper surface of the midrib near its junction with the petiole. Leafy twigs and petioles densely clothed in pale hairs.


Inflorescence an umbelliform raceme. Peduncles about 4 mm long. Pedicels about 2.5 mm long. Flowers about 3 mm diam. Calyx lobes about 2-3 mm long. Small stumpy finger-like glands present near the base on the inner surface of the calyx lobes, usually 2 per lobe. Corolla tube about 1-1.5 mm long, lobes about 1.2-1.5 mm long, right hand margins overlapping. Raised longitudinal ridges present between the corolla lobes and extending no more than 0.5 mm above the corolla lobes, form the corolline corona. Staminal corona not well developed. Anthers about 0.4 mm long, connective extending beyond the anthers as a large thin membranous cowl. Pollen aggregated in pollinia. Carpels about 0.3 mm long. Style head globose.


Follicles fusiform, about 10-11 cm long. Fide Forster (1996).


Features not available.

Distribution and Ecology

Occurs in WA, NT, CYP and NEQ (western part). Altitudinal range from near sea level to 250 m. Grows in vine thicket and monsoon forest.

Pergularia cinerascens (R.Br.) Spreng., Systema Vegetabilium 1 : 844(1824). Marsdenia cinerascens R.Br., Prod. : 461(1810), Type: Qld, [ North Is. Gulf of Carpentaria], 17 Dec. 1802, R. Brown; lecto: BM; iso: CANB, MEL. Fide P. I. Forster, Aust. Syst. Bot. 5:34 (1992).
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