Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants - Online edition

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FR29 white or cream Be careful if your fresh specimen has a white or cream testa. Most of the testa colours were obtained from collectors notes or preserved specimens either dried or pickled.  Unfortunately, collectors seldom record a testa colour if it is white or cream.  To complicate matters, white or cream testas change colour when either dried or pickled. Therefore, when using this version of the Key on specimens with white or cream testas, it is recommended that the feature should be used at the very end of the identification process so that the operator can see what effect it has on the number of possibilities and if necessary check both groups of species.
FR30 brown
FR31 green
FR32 yellow
FR33 orange
FR34 pink
FR35 red
FR36 blue
FR37 purple
FR38 black

Seed (testa) colour

The colour of the testa (seed coat).

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