Acacias of Australia

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Acacia eriopoda Maiden & Blakely x Acacia monticola J.M.Black




This entity has a scattered distribution, mostly in the Kimberley region (N and S of Broome and E and S of Derby), but also recorded from “near Well 22” which is assumed to be on the Canning Stock Route on the N side of Lake Disappointment in the Little Sandy Desert.


W.A.: 48 mi [77.2 km] from Broome towards Port Hedland, C.H. Gittins 1451 (PERTH); near Well 22, D. Hewitt 26 (PERTH); 57 mi (91 km) from Derby [on Great Northern Highway] towards Fitzroy Crossing, B.R. Maslin 2669 (PERTH); 46 km N of Broome on track to Coulomb Point, B.R. Maslin 4900 (PERTH); Dampier Downs Station (c. 150 km due SW of Derby), 49 km NW of homestead on station track to Broome (NW of Edgar Ranges), B.R. Maslin 7322 (DNA, PERTH).


The reticulately nerved phyllodes and Minni Ritchi or pseudo Minni Ritchi bark which is noted by some collectors suggests A. monticola is one of the parents of this putative hybrid. However, the second parent is less certain. At four locations the putative hybrid is recorded as occurring (usually at a low frequency) either within a population of A. eriopoda and A. monticola (C.H. Gittins 1451 and B.R. Maslin 2669 & 4900) and or within a population of A. monticola with A. eriopoda nearby (i.e. B.R. Maslin 7322). Pods are unknown for this entity suggesting that it is a sterile hybrid. If pods are ever found it might be; in the absence of pods it is difficult to readily envisage the A. eriopoda contribution to this presumed hybridity. This putative hybrid is difficult to distinguish from narrowest phyllode individuals of A. monticola x tumida var. kulparn.

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