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Acacia monticola J.M.Black x Acacia tumida var. kulparn M.W.McDonald




Occurs in the Kimberley region where it is common around Broome; it also occurs in the general vicinity of Derby.


W.A.: 48 mi (77 km) from Derby towards Fitzroy Crossing, B.R. Maslin 2665 (DNA, K, MEL, NSW, PERTH); Gantheaume Point, Broome, B.R. Maslin 4919 (PERTH); junction of Cable Beach Road and Gupungi Road, Broome, B.R. Maslin 4918 (CANB, PERTH); a short way off Kavite Road in near-coastal bushland S of Riddell Beach, Broome, T. Willing 71 (MELU, PERTH); by grid on road, 9.5 km SE (by road) from Telecom Microwave Tower on Sisters Plateau, E of Derby, T. Willing 78 (PERTH).


This putative hybrid is sometimes similar to A. eriopoda x monticola which has generally narrower phyllodes. The relationship between these two putative hybrids needs further study.

The characters of bark morphology (i.e. pseudo Minni Ritchi), phyllode nervature (i.e. sparingly anastomosing) and short spikes (c. 1 cm long) are all intermediate between A. monticola and A. tumida var. kulparn, and suggest possible hybrid origin for plants assigned to this entity. Acacia monticola and A. tumida var. kulparn are relatively common in the west Kimberley area and are sympatric with the putative hybrid, at least around Broome (T. Willing, pers. comm.). Pods are unknown for this entity, perhaps indicating that it is a sterile hybrid. Further field and laboratory studies are needed to assess this presumed hybridity.

Plants of this presumed hybrid that occur in wind-swept coastal habitats such as Point Gantheaume, Broome, often grow as low-domed (semi-prostrate), spreading shrubs; these individuals were formerly known under the Phrase Name, Acacia sp. Riddell Beach (T. Willing 71). Further inland, however, the plants assume a taller habit (reaching 4 m in some places); these individuals were formerly known under the Phrase Name, Acacia sp. Broome (B.R. Maslin 4918).

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