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Acacia minyura (hybrid)




Known from only a few scattered populations from between Meekatharra and Wiluna, east to the Blackstone Range near the W.A., S.A. and N.T. border. It occurs in mixed Mulga populations and is sometimes recorded as co-occurring with A. minyura (see below).


Multi-stemmed shrubs 2–3 m tall, crowns compact and bluish grey. Branchlet ribs with a thick, often transversely segmented layer of opaque resin. New shoots and youngest 1–3 phyllodes wholly or partially covered with an opaque, bluish white overburden of resin. Phyllodes narrowly oblong to linear or slightly elliptic, (15–) 20–32 mm long, 2–3 mm wide, l: w = (7–) 8–16), mostly shallowly recurved. Pods 8–9 mm wide, glabrous, margins winged.


W.A.: Additional to the collections noted below (all PERTH): Earaheedy Stn around homestead, 200 km NE of Wiluna, D.J. Edinger et al. DJE 3132; corner of Blackstone – Wingellina Rd with rd N to Warakurna, H.P. Vonow 3434 & W.A. Thompson.


In Acacia minyura (hybrid) the new shoot resin is the same as A. minyura (typical variant) but its phyllodes are similar to those of A. minyura (translucent resin variant).

This entity is noted in B.R.Maslin & J.E.Reid, Nuytsia 22: 234 (2012). Its status is uncertain but seems likely to represent a hybrid involving A. minyura as one of the parents (the other parent is unknown).

Population where associates are recorded for this entity include the following: (1) 88 km E of Wiluna on Gunbarrel Highway to Carnegie Station (B.R. Maslin 9019 & 9029). Growing with: A. aneura (B.R. Maslin 9022 & 9025), A. ayersiana (narrow phyllode variant) (B.R. Maslin 9023), A. caesaneura (narrow phyllode variant) (B.R. Maslin 9024), A. incurvaneura (B.R. Maslin 9021), A. minyura (B.R. Maslin 9019), A. pteraneura (B.R. Maslin 9025) and A. ramulosa var. linophylla (B.R. Maslin 9026). (2) 11 km W of Wiluna on road to Meekatharra (B.R. Maslin 7076). Growing with: A. aneura (B.R. Maslin 7073), caesaneura x incurvaneura (B.R. Maslin 7075) and A. pteraneura (B.R. Maslin 7074). (3) 117 km W of Wiluna on road to Meekatharra (B.R. Maslin 7089). Growing with: A. ayersiana (B.R. Maslin 7087), A. incurvaneura (B.R. Maslin7088) and A. pteraneura (B.R. Maslin 7086). (4) Lorna Glen Conservation Park (c. 150 km ENE of Wiluna) (B.R. Maslin et al.9298). Growing with: A. aptaneura (B.R. Maslin et al. 9301a), A. incurvaneura (B.R. Maslin et al. 9299), A. minyura (B.R. Maslin et al. BRM 9297 & 9302), A. mulganeura (B.R. Maslin et al. 9300) and A. pteraneura (B.R. Maslin et al. 9301).

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