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Acacia sp. Urandangie (L.Pedley 2025) Qld Herbarium




W.A.: 16 km SW of Halls Creek (0.1 km NE of turn-off to Carranya Stn at Koongie Park), B.R.Maslin 7156 (PERTH). N.T.: 63 km S of Tennant Creek on Stuart Hwy, B.R.Maslin, M.McDonald & G.Leach BRM 7454 (CANB, DNA, PERTH). Qld: 12 to 17 km N of Mount Isa on Barkly Hwy, L.Thomson LXT 19 (PERTH).


This variant was first recognized in M.W.McDonald & B.R.Maslin, Austral. Syst. Bot. 10: 315 (1997). It was subsequently noted under A. elachantha by M.W.McDonald, Fl. Australia 11B: 180 (2001), and in WATTLE Acacias of Australia CD-ROM (2001).

While further study is needed to assess the taxonomic status of Acacia sp. Urandangie (L.Pedley 2025) it is readily distinguished from typical A. elachantha, with which it is sometimes sympatric, by the absence of hairs on its new shoots, branchlets, phyllodes and ovaries. Both variants occur in W.A., N.T. and Qld but the typical one appears to be the more common. See M.W.McDonald & B.R.Maslin (loc. cit.) for further discussion.

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B.R.Maslin, M.W.McDonald