Plants of South Eastern New South Wales

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Boronia nana var. hyssopifolia

Common name

Dwarf boronia 



Where found

Forest, woodland, and heath. Widespread. Rarely coastal.


Shrub or perennial herb to 0.3 m high or sprawling to prostrate. Branchlets hairy between the hairless leaf bases which continue down the stems, and more or less glandular-warty, sometimes rough. Leaves aromatic when rubbed, opposite each other, 0.2–2.5 cm long, 0.5–3 mm wide, hairless to hairy, margins entire, often thickened, tips pointed. Flowers white to pink, with 4 petals 3–5.5 mm long, the petals overlapping in bud, persistent at the seeding stage. 8 stamens. Flowers in 1-6 flowered clusters. Flowering: October–January.  

Protected NSW.

All native plants on unleased land in the ACT are protected.

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