Plants of South Eastern New South Wales

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Syzygium floribundum

Common name

Weeping Lilly Pilly, Weeping Myrtle, Weedping Satinash



Where found

Rainforest and stream banks. Sydney area and north from there.


Tree to 30 m high. Fruit fleshy. Bark dark grey, hard, more or less fissured, somewhat flaky. Stems 4-angled or 4-winged. Young stems hairy, becoming hairless. Leaves slightly aromatic when rubbed, opposite each other, 5.5–16 cm long, 15–50 mm wide, tips pointed, surfaces hairless, upper surface dark green and glossy, lower surface dull and paler; lateral veins distinct; oil glands numerous, fine, margins wavy. Flowers white, with 4-5 petals each 1.5–2 mm long, and with many stamens 3–7 mm long. Petals cohering, shed together. Flowers in many-flowered branched clusters. Flowering: August–October. Fruit green, developing a reddish tinge at maturity, or cream, more or less globular, 15–20 mm in diameter. Fruit crowned by the persistent hypanthium as a short tube or rim. 

Waterhousea floribunda in NSW.

PlantNET description (as Waterhousea floribunda): (accessed 24 April 2021)