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Archontophoenix myolensis Dowe

Palm, pandan or cycad
Shrub (woody or herbaceous, 1-6 m tall)
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Male flower [not vouchered]. © J.L. Dowe
Female flowers [not vouchered]. © J.L. Dowe
Mature fruit [not vouchered]. © J.L. Dowe
Fruit, whole, with mesocarp fibres exposed [not vouchered]. © J.L. Dowe
Inflorescence [not vouchered]. © J.L. Dowe
In moderate-altitude rainforest [not vouchered]. © J.L. Dowe

Dowe, J.L. & Hodel, D.R. (1994) Austrobaileya 4(2): 237, fig. 1 B1-B3. Type: Queensland. COOK DISTRICT: Myola, Warrill Ck, 16 48S, 145 36E, gallery rainforest, 350 m, A.K.Irvine 1780, 30 May 1976 (holo: QRS).

Common name

Myolan Alexandra Palm


Palm up to 20 m tall. Trunk up to 30 cm DBH with prominent leaf scars, becoming fissured with age and expands to 50 cm at the base, stepped in the lower portion.


Leaves 9-12, to 4 m long with a prominent lateral twist, 68-71 pinnae per side. Crownshaft 74-95 cm long, blue green, prominent bulges below attachment of the petiole. Petiole to 22 cm long to 4 cm wide. Rachis up to 3.8 m long becomong sharply ridged above in the front part. Pinnae to 110 x 6.5 cm, leathery, dark green adaxially, with persistent silvery scales abaxially. Midrib light green, prominent with up to 9-11 secondary ribs on abaxial surface.


Inflorescence 50-157 x 60 cm, smooth, axes light cream/green initially turning light green in fruit. Prophyll to 45 cm long and papery; peduncular bract up to 42 cm long and strongly beaked at the apex. Peduncle 8.5-23 cm long, 5-7.2 cm wide, 2.8-3 cm thick. Rachis to 70 cm long with 21-23 main branches. Rachillae thin to 4 mm wide at base. Staminate flowers 5.5-9 x 3-3.8 mm in bud. Petals 7-7.8 x 1.5-3.8 mm, white-cream. Stamens 14-24. Filaments curved 3.5 mm long, cream-brown with rusty brown-red scales. Anthers to 3 mm long. Pistillode ca. 4 mm long. Pistillate flowers 4-5 mm long x 3.5 - 4 mm wide in bud; sepals 4.5-5 mm long, 3-4 mm wide, triangular, white-cream, glabrous; petals 5-6 mm long. 4-5 mm wide, triangular, white-cream, glabroius; ovule ovoid; stigma recurved.


Fruit conic-ovoid-elongate, 13-21 mm long, 10-12 mm diam.; stigmatic remains prominent and slightly depressed in apex; epicarp waxy, red at maturity; mesocarp fibres terete or flat, to 0.5 mm wide, branched, forked about midway, separately from the endocarp when dry. Seed ovoid-elongate, 14-20 mm long, 8-9.5 mm wide, dull light brown.


Features not available.

Distribution and Ecology

Occurs in NEQ only in the Myola area on the Atherton Tableland. Altitudinal range 350-450 m. Grows along drainage lines in rainforest and riparian rainforest.

Natural History & Notes

Distinguished by: undersurface of pinnae with silver-grey scales, ramenta (large irregular scales on midrib) lacking; perianth white-cream, fruit conic-ovoid-elongate, 13-21 mm; mesocarp fruit fibres <0.5 mm, terete or flat, forked about midway.

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