Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants - Online edition

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Family Description

A family of about 153 genera and 2480 species, worldwide.


Asparagus - A genus of about 160 species in Europe, Africa, Asia, Malesia and Australia; one species occurs naturally in Australia and five or more species have become naturalised. Clifford & Conran (1987a,b); Malcomber & Sebsebe Demissew (1993).

Cordyline - A genus of about 20 species in Asia, Malesia, Australia and New Zealand; eight species occur naturally in Australia. Pedley & Forster (1986).

Eustrephus - A monotypic genus in Malesia, Australia and the Pacific islands. Conran & Clifford (1986); Laferriere, J.E. (1995).

Lomandra - A genus of about 50 species in Australia, New Guinea and New Caledonia; about 50 species occur naturally in Australia. Lee & Macfarlane (1986).

Pleomele - A genus of about 140 species in Asia, Malesia and the Pacific islands; one species occurs naturally in Australia. Pedley & Forster (1986).

Romnalda - A genus of 4 species from Australia and New Guinea; 3 species occur naturally in Australia. Conran et al (2008)


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