Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants - Online edition

Family Profile
Family Description

A family of about 100 genera and 2000 species, cosmopolitan; about 13 genera occur naturally in Australia.


Carmona - A monotypic genus in Malesia, China, India, Australia and the Solomon Islands. Riedl (1997).

Cordia - A genus of about 250 species, pantropic; two species occur naturally in Australia and one species has become naturalised. Cooper & Cooper (2004); Gottschling et al. (2016); Johnston (1951); Riedl (1997).

Cynoglossum - A genus of about 55 species from temperate and warm temperate regions of the world; two species occur naturally in Australia.

Ehretia - A genus of about 50 species, pantropic; about five species occur naturally in Australia. Cooper & Cooper (2004); Forster (1995); Gottschling et al. (2016); Johnston (1951); Randell (1993).

Heliotropium - A genus of about 300 species in the tropical and temperate zones of the world; 81 species occur naturally in Australia.

Trichodesma - A genus of about 40 species in Africa, Asia and Australia; one species occurs naturally in Australia. Riedl (1997), Stanley & Ross (1986).


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