Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants - Online edition

Family Profile
Family Description

A family of about 20 genera and nearly 500 species, pantropic, well developed in Africa; five genera occur naturally in Australia.


Combretum - A genus of about 250 species, pantropic; one species occurs naturally in Australia. Exell (1954); Pedley (1990).

Dansiea - A genus of two species endemic to Australia. Byrnes (1981); Pedley (1990).

Macropteranthes - A genus of five species endemic to Australia. Cooper & Cooper (2004); Forster (1994); Harden et al. (2014); Pedley (1990); Stace (2007).

Quisqualis - A genus of about 17 species in Africa, Asia and Malesia. Exell (1954). One species may have become naturalised in Australia.

Terminalia - A genus of about 200 species, pantropic; 24 species occur naturally in Australia. Byrnes (1977); Coode (1973, 1978); Pedley (1990), Stace (2007).


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