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Cyrtococcum accrescens (Trin.) Stapf

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Stapf, O. (1922) Icones Plantarum [Hooker's] Edn. Ser.5, 1(4): pl 3906. Type: Queensland. COOK DISTRICT: 10.8 km S of Batavia Downs on Peninsula Development Road, 21 April 1990, J.R.Clarkson 8477 & V.J.Neldner (holo: BRI(AQ 463916); iso: B,BRI,DNA,NSW). Fig. 3.


Culms hollow, creeping, upper part of culms more erect to 15-45 cm long and 7-9 -noded and rooting from the lower nodes. Culm-nodes glabrous. Lateral branches sparse.


Leaf-sheaths ca. shorter than adjacent culm internode and ribbed. Ligule an eciliate membrane ca. 0.4 mm long. Leaf-blades lanceolate, 2.5-7 cm long and 3-5 mm wide, surfaces pubescent, sparsely hairy below, margins scabrous.


Inflorescence an open panicle, elliptic in outline and up to 2-8 cm long. Primary panicle branches spreading, up to 4 cm long, bearing 10 fertile spikelets on each lower branch. Spikelets solitary. Fertile spikelets with filiform pedicels, angular, 2-5 mm long and smooth. Fertile spikelets comprising of a basal sterile floret and a fertile floret; without rhachilla extension. Spikelets obovate and strongly laterally compressed, gibbous, 1.5-1.7 x 0.8-1 mm; falling entire. Glumes similar but shorter than the spikelet, thinner than the fertile lemma. Lower glume ovate, 0.6-0.8 mm long, half length of spikelet, membranous and 3 -veined, surface scabrous, pilose, with tubercle-based hairs, apex acute. Upper glume obovate, gibbous, 1.5 mm long and 0.75 times the length of the spikelet, membranous, 3 -veined, pilose with tubercle-based hairs. Basal sterile florets barren; without significant palea. Lemma of lower sterile floret similar to upper glume, obovate, 1.5-1.7 mm long; equal the spikelet, membranous and pilose. Fertile lemma obovate, laterally compressed, gibbous, ca. 1.4 mm long and indurate. Lemma margins involute and the apex obtuse with a little green crest. Palea reflexed at apex, involute and 2 -veined.


Caryopsis with adherent pericarp.


Features not available.

Distribution and Ecology

Only known from NEQ, at a few localities near Tully. Altitudinal range from 40-420 m. Grows in rainforest and in vineforest.

Natural History & Notes

Cyrtococcum accrescens has a longer and more open panicle than C. patens.

Panicum accrescens Trin., Species Graminum 1(8): pl. 88(1827), Type: unknown.
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