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Diospyros sp. Ham Hill (B.Hyland 2941RFK)

Shrub (woody or herbaceous, 1-6 m tall)
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Female flower. © ATH.
Immature fruit. © ATH.
Male flowers. © ATH.
Male inflorescences. © ATH.
Female herbarium specimen. © ATH
Male herbarium specimen. © ATH.

HISPID Phrase name.


Tree to 8 m tall, bark almost black.


Twigs with appressed, pale brown, medifixed hairs, glabrescent. Leaf petiole ca. 4 mm long, glabrescent, pale brown hairs. Leaf blades elliptic, about 4.5-11 x 1.7-4.5 cm, apex acuminate, margins flat. At first with dense medifixed pale brown hairs, soon glabrescent. Glands sparse, usually five to eight, flat glands present on the lower surface of the leaf blade on either side of the midrib. Midvein depressed. Lateral veins hardly distinguishable from reticulate venation, 6-10 pairs, forming loops inside the blade margin. Paler beneath.


Inflorescences in axils. Male inflorescence branched, forming clusters of several flowers; male flower calyx tube ca. 3 mm long, shallowly 3-lobed, hairy, erect; corolla tube ca. 4.5 mm long, glabrous at base, hairy towards base of lobes; corolla lobes densely hairy, ca. 1.5 mm long, erect; anthers 3, ca. 3-3.5 mm long. Female flowers solitary, in axils, pedicel absent or nearly so; calyx hairy outside and inside, tube fused at base for ca. 2 mm, lobes widely spreading ca. 6mm long x 6 mm wide, rounded; corolla tube ca. 6-7 mm long, glabrous towards base and densely hairy towards base of lobes; lobes 3, densely hairy outside, glabrous inside; ovary densely hairy; stigma 3-lobed.


Immature fruit only seen. Calyx widely spreading, lobes rounded. Fruit possibly with persistent style.


Features not available.

Distribution and Ecology

Occurs in CYP, known only from the Iron Range area. Altitudinal range from near sea level to 160 m. Grows in rainforest.

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