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Elaeocarpus kirtonii F.Muell. ex F.M.Bailey

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Leaves and fruit [not vouchered]. CC-BY: S. & A. Pearson.

Bailey, F.M. (1886), A Synopsis of the Queensland Flora Suppl.1: 8, Type: "Forests of the Bunya Mountains .. The trees are also abundant on Mount Mistake."

Common name

White Quandong, Brown-Hearted Quandong, Mowbullan Whitewood

Tree up to 45 m high, trunk buttressed with pale smooth bark.

Leaves alternate and 1-foliolate, appearing simple. Stipules present, lanceolate, 2-3 mm long. Petioles 2-6 cm long, slender, with an apical joint or pulvinus. Leaf blade narrow-elliptic to narrow-oblong, 7-20 cm long, 2-4 cm wide, base cuneate or obtuse, margins regularly toothed (serrate or crenate), apex acute, acuminate or subulate. Domatia visible under magnification as more or less hooded pits at axil of lateral veins and midrib. Leaves glabrescent, new foliage pink to apricot, older leaves turning red before falling.


Inflorescence a raceme, axillary, ramiflorous or borne along internode between leaves. Flowers bisexual, 4 or 5-merous. Sepals free, entire, shorter than petals, lanceolate or triangular, white. Petals, free, c. 10 mm long, each divided into 24 linear lobes, white. Stamens free 25-30 with awned anther. Ovary superior.


Fruit a fleshy drupe, ovoid, 10-12 mm long. Mature fruit is pale blue. Endocarp or stone wrinkled containing 1 or 2 seeds.


Features not available.

Distribution and Ecology

Occurs in CEQ, from the Clarke Range (near Mackay) southwards to north of Milton in New South Wales. Grows in rainforest communities, at 760-1000 m. in tropical Queensland.

Natural History & Notes

This profile information and associated coding has been adapted from Cooper & Cooper (2004) and Harden et al. (2014).

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