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Ficus subnervosa Corner

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Figs [not vouchered]. © G. Sankowsky
Leaves and figs [not vouchered]. © G. Sankowsky
Scale bar 10mm. © CSIRO
Female flowers(?). © CSIRO
Male flowers. © CSIRO

Corner, E.J.H. (1960) The Gardens Bulletin Singapore 17: 411. Type: Kostermans 450, Typus herb. L, New Guinea (? Key Is.).

Common name



Not a strangling fig. Exudate meagre, cream to pale brown.


Stipules glabrous or slightly pubescent, about 1 cm long. Two small glands visible on the underside of the leaf blade near its junction with the petiole. Leaf blades about 6-12 x 2.5-5.5 cm. Oil dots visible with a lens.


Male flowers dispersed among the fruitlets in the ripe fig. Bracts at the base of the fig small and inconspicuous (one or two near the base of each peduncle). Lateral bracts usually not present on the outside of the fig body.


Figs pedunculate, +/- globular, about 20 mm diam. Orifice closed by interlocking apical bracts and reflexed internal bracts.


Features not available.

Distribution and Ecology

Occurs in CYP, restricted to the area between Cape York and Shelburne Bay. Altitudinal range probably small, from sea level to 100 m. Grows in well developed rain forest on creek flats. Also occurs in New Guinea.

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