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Glochidion xerocarpum (O.Schwarz) Airy Shaw

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Airy Shaw, H.K. (1981) Muelleria 4(3): 212.

Common name

Pin Flower Tree


Usually a small tree not exceeding 30 cm dbh.


Leaf blades about 4-10 x 2-5 cm. Midrib raised on the upper surface. Leaf bearing twigs clothed in short tortuous hairs.


Male flowers: Inflorescence without a peduncle and strictly axillary. Flowers without a disk. Female flowers: Flowers +/- sessile. Tepals about 2.5-3 mm long. Styles fused to form a hemispherical or button-shaped mass on the top of the ovary.


Capsules about 10-lobed, flat or concave at the apex, about 15-20 mm diam., resembling a miniature Queensland Blue pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo).


Features not available.

Distribution and Ecology

Occurs in WA and NT. Altitudinal range from near sea level to about 100 m. Grows in rain forest, monsoon forest or beach forest. Also occurs in Malesia.

Phyllanthus xerocarpus O.Schwarz, Repertorium Specierum Novarum Regni Vegetabilis 24 : 87(1927), Type: Port Darwin, Mindel-beach, dry jungle (Bleeser no. 495).
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