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Mitrasacme oasena Dunlop

Herb (herbaceous or woody, under 1 m tall)
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Dunlop, C.R. in Orchard, A.E. (1996) Flora of Australia 28: 35, 308. Type: Spring Creek Gorge, Carnarvon Range, Qld, 26 Oct. 1933, C.T.White 9444; holo: BRI.


Small erect branching herb 10-30 cm tall. Stems clothed in erect white or pale hairs in the leafy part and glabrous in the lower bracteate part. Stipules a connate sheath, pilose.


Leaf blades 4.5-13 x 2-5 mm with stiff erect hairs on the upper surface and along the midrib on the lower surface.


Inflorescences in few-flowerewd umbellate clusters, 10-18 mm long. Flowers ca. 7 mm diam. On pedicels up to 40 mm long; Sepals green, ca. 3 mm long, fused for about half their length, campanulate, tube 1.5-2.2 mm long; lobes triangular, 1-2 mm long, with short stiff hairs at the apex. Corolla white except for the 2-4 mm green tube, throat clothed in short stiff hairs, lobes strongly obtuse, 1.2-5 mm long, inner surface of the tube clothed in globose, pale glands. Stamens ca. 1 mm long. Styles fused for most of their length.


Capsule obovoid to globular, 2-3 mm long, fruiting style ca. 1 mm long. Seed flattened off on one side, testa glossy and obscurely pitted, honey brown.


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Distribution and Ecology

Occurs in NEQ, CEQ and southwards to coastal central Queensland. Altitudinal range from 380-1520 m. Grows in open areas in rainforest, Eucalypt forest, Eucalypt woodland, moss-fern thicket, heathland and grassland.

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