Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants - Online edition

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L72 subulate Narrow, long and tapering gradually to a fine point. Implies a long tapering tip without abrupt changes in width.
L73 aristate Having a stiff, bristle-like tip.
L74 acuminate Broad and then tapering gradually to a point.
L75 mucronate Having a short, sharp tip
L76 apiculate Having a short, flexible tip.
L77 acute Having a distinct point, but not elongated.
L78 obtuse Rounded or blunt at the apex.
L79 retuse Having a blunt and slightly notched apex.
L80 emarginate Having a broad, shallow notch at the apex.
L81 truncate Having an abrupt transverse end, as if cut off.

Apex shape

The shape of the leaf apex (or leaflet apex in the case if compound leaves).

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