Acacias of Australia

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Acacia sp. Winged (C.R.Alcock 4936) Maslin




It occurs mainly in coastal areas of S.A. from Venus Bay, western and southern Eyre Penin. and Yorke Penin. Acacia sp. Winged (C.R.Alcock 4936) is distinguished most readily from typical A. anceps by its generally elliptic, less elongate phyllodes (mostly 2.5–5.5 x 1–3 cm) which have a very reduced pulvinus and which are clearly continuous with the branchlets (that are sometimes narrowly winged) along their adaxial edge, and heads 80–154-flowered. This variant appears to hybridise with the typical A. anceps in parts of western Eyre Penin. and also with A. nematophylla (see A. anceps x nematophylla). The type of A. muelleri, and probably also those of A. glaucescens and A. pterigoidea, appear to represent intermediates between the two variants. Further study of this species complex is needed.

This entity is treated as the second variant of A. anceps by B.R.Maslin, loc. cit., where it is illustrated by Figs N–O.

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B.R.Maslin, M.O'Leary