All Names - Eucalyptus (D)

These lists include all eucalypt names, those taxa accepted in EUCLID and previously published names.

Eucalyptus dallachiana = Corymbia dallachiana
Eucalyptus dalrympleana Maiden subsp. dalrympleana
Eucalyptus dalrympleana subsp. heptantha L.A.S.Johnson
Eucalyptus dalveenica T.L.Collins, R.L.Andrew & J.J.Bruhl, not yet assessed for inclusion in EUCLID (2019)
Eucalyptus dampieri D.J.Carr & S.G.M.Carr = Corymbia greeniana
Eucalyptus daphnoides Miq. = E. coccifera
Eucalyptus darwinensis D.J.Carr & S.G.M.Carr = Corymbia foelscheana
Eucalyptus dawsonii R.T.Baker
Eucalyptus dealbata A.Cunn. ex Schauer
Eucalyptus dealbata var. chloroclada Blakely = E. chloroclada
Eucalyptus dealbata var. populnea Blakely = E. infera
Eucalyptus deanei Maiden
Eucalyptus debeuzevillei Maiden = E. pauciflora subsp. debeuzevillei
Eucalyptus decepta Blakely = E. siderophloia
Eucalyptus decipiens Endl.
Eucalyptus decipiens Endl. subsp. decipiens = E. decipiens
Eucalyptus decipiens subsp. adesmophloia Brooker & Hopper = E. adesmophloia
Eucalyptus decipiens subsp. chalara Brooker & Hopper purported hybrid, see notes at end of E. decipiens
Eucalyptus decipiens var. angustifolia Schauer = E. adesmophloia
Eucalyptus decipiens var. latifolia Schauer nom. confus. [nom. illeg.]
Eucalyptus decolor A.R.Bean & Brooker
Eucalyptus decorticans (F.M.Bailey) Maiden
Eucalyptus decurrens Wehmer   nom. nud. [nom. illeg.]
Eucalyptus decurva F.Muell.
Eucalyptus deflexa Brooker
Eucalyptus deformis Blakely = E. globoidea
Eucalyptus deglupta Blume extra-Australian distribution from Philippines to Bougainville
Eucalyptus delegatensis R.T.Baker subsp. delegatensis
Eucalyptus delegatensis subsp. tasmaniensis Boland
Eucalyptus delicata L.A.S.Johnson & K.D.Hill
Eucalyptus dendromorpha (Blakely) L.A.S.Johnson & Blaxell
Eucalyptus densa Brooker & Hopper subsp. densa
Eucalyptus densa subsp. improcera Brooker & Hopper
Eucalyptus denticulata I.O.Cook & Ladiges
Eucalyptus depauperata L.A.S.Johnson & K.D.Hill
Eucalyptus derbyensis D.J.Carr & S.G.M.Carr = Corymbia polycarpa
Eucalyptus deserticola D.J.Carr & S.G.M.Carr = Corymbia deserticola subsp. deserticola
Corymbia deserticola subsp. mesogeotica
Eucalyptus desertorum D.J.Carr & S.G.M.Carr = Corymbia deserticola subsp. deserticola
Eucalyptus desertorum Naudin = E. uncinata
Eucalyptus desmondensis Maiden & Blakely
Eucalyptus deuaensis Boland & P.M.Gilmour
Eucalyptus dextropinea R.T.Baker = E. muelleriana
Eucalyptus dichromophloia F.Muell. = Corymbia dichromophloia
Eucalyptus dielsii C.A.Gardner
Eucalyptus diminuta Brooker & Hopper
Eucalyptus diptera C.R.P.Andrews
Eucalyptus disclusa L.A.S.Johnson & Blaxell = E. interstans
Eucalyptus discolor Desf. = identity doubtful, possibly E. pilularis
Eucalyptus discreta Brooker
Eucalyptus disjuncta = Corymbia disjuncta K.D.Hill & L.A.S.Johnson
Eucalyptus dissimulata Brooker
Eucalyptus dissita K.D.Hill = E. moorei subsp. moorei
Eucalyptus distans Brooker, Boland & Kleinig
Eucalyptus distuberosa subsp. aerata Nicolle
Eucalyptus distuberosa Nicolle subsp. distuberosa
Eucalyptus divaricata
McAulay & Brett = E. gunnii
Eucalyptus diversicolor F.Muell.
Eucalyptus diversifolia Bonpl. subsp. diversifolia
Eucalyptus diversifolia subsp. hesperia I.J.Wright & Ladiges
Eucalyptus diversifolia subsp. megacarpa I.J.Wright & Ladiges = E. diversifolia subsp. diversifolia
Eucalyptus diversifolia Woolls = E. macarthurii
Eucalyptus dives Schauer
Eucalyptus dixsonii F.W.Wakef. = reputed hybrid E. dives × E. radiata
Eucalyptus dolichocarpa D.J.Carr & S.G.M.Carr = Corymbia clarksoniana
Eucalyptus dolichocera L.A.S.Johnson & K.D.Hill
Eucalyptus dolichorhyncha (Brooker) Brooker & Hopper
Eucalyptus dolorosa Brooker & Hopper
Eucalyptus dongarraensis Maiden & Blakely = E. obtusiflora
Eucalyptus doratoxylon F.Muell.
Eucalyptus dorisiana Blakely = reputed hybrid E. intertexta × E. viridis
Eucalyptus dorrienii Domin = E. falcatabut see comment at end of Notes
Eucalyptus dorrigoensis (Blakely) L.A.S.Johnson & K.D.Hill
Eucalyptus drepanophylla Benth. = E. crebra
Eucalyptus drepanophylla var. leptophleba (F.Muell.) Burtt Davy = E. leptophleba
Eucalyptus drummondii Benth.
Eucalyptus drysdalensis D.J.Carr & S.G.M.Carr = Corymbia dichromophloia
Eucalyptus dumosa J.Oxley
Eucalyptus dumosa var. conglobata Benth. = E. conglobata subsp. conglobata
Eucalyptus dumosa var. puncticulata Benth. = E. uncinata
Eucalyptus dumosa var. rhodophloia Benth. = identity uncertain
Eucalyptus dumosa var. scyphocalyx Benth. = E. scyphocalyx
Eucalyptus dundasii Maiden
Eucalyptus dunlopiana (K.D.Hill & L.A.S.Johnson) Brooker = Corymbia dunlopiana
Eucalyptus dunnii Maiden
Eucalyptus dura L.A.S.Johnson & K.D.Hill
Eucalyptus durackiana D.J.Carr & S.G.M.Carr = Corymbia greeniana
Eucalyptus dwyeri Maiden & Blakely