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Tapeinosperma pseudojambosa (F.Muell.) Mez

Shrub (woody or herbaceous, 1-6 m tall)
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Leaf and fruit [not vouchered]. © A. Ford

Mez, C.C. (1902) Das Pflanzenreich Heft 9 : 170.


Small shrubs or trees to 12 m. Trunk slender, bark smooth, nondescript to mottled greyish-brown, lenticellate, blaze cream to pinkish-red; branchlets reddish with small ridges extending down from base of the petiole.


Petiole reddish, 1-6 mm long. Leaf blade broadly ovate and abruptly tapering to acuminate apex, 7-13 x 2.2-6.5 cm, glabrous or with rufous-coloured hairs. Margins undulate, entire or crenulate, midrib depressed.Glands 1-4.


Inflorescence 3-10 cm long, branches reddish. Flowers 3-4 mm long, prominent red-coloured glands on calyx, corolla and style.


Depressed globular 6-7 mm long, 7-8 mm diam. Dark pink to red. Glands black when dry, style persistent.


Features not available.

Distribution and Ecology

Endemic to Australia. Occurs in NEQ, CEQ and southwards to north of Bundaberg. Altitudinal range from 70-600 m. Grows as an understory plant in undisturbed lowland and upland rain forest on drier sites or along creeks.

Ardisia pseudojambosa F.Muell., Fragmenta Phytographiae Australiae 4(27): 81(1864), Type: Queensland. North Kennedy District: Mt Elliot, Fitzalan (lecto: MEL1612779; isolecto: MEL1612768).
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